Bios update 3203 causes continual restart.

I recently updated my motherboard Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Bios to 3203. After a successful update it won't stop restarting. It will boot up and go all the way to the point before Windows normally loads but then instead it just restarts again and does the same thing. I can access my bios but I don't think I can do anything inside of it to help. The boot order is correct. The bios update was successful. Help!
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  1. Try pressing F8 when you start windows, and disable the automatic restart. There's an option for that.

    Then you'll be able to see the blue/black screen and the cause of this.

    My suspicion is that you somehow reset the HDD mode from SATA to IDE ( or vice versa ), and obviously windows cannot start without it's correct disk controller drive.
  2. I tried F8 and it brought up the boot order which I then used to select my C: Drive. I checked in the Bios and the mode for my HDs are set correctly. What am I supposed to do when I install a newer version of the Bios and everything screws up. How can I get back to a newer version of Bios? It won't let me directly reverse the bios.
  3. Pressed to early... you need to catch the moment, after the bios finishes, and while the windows itself starts loading. Not that boot order... crazy Asus uses the same key for different purpose :(

    Anyway, until you manage to do that and see why exactly is windows rebooting, there's nothing else you can do.

    Or, you could try a fresh install on a different HDD, and see what happens, if you manage to install it or not... if not, there's usually a way to flash the bios using an USB stick, but that's more complicated... and you have to search the net exactly how to do it on your motherboard model.
  4. Try resetting the CMOS on your MOBO.
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