E-Geforce 8800GT black screen

I installed a E-Geforce 8800GT video card it worked then said I had to restart my PC for it to work. I did and ever since it worked 1 time now everytime I plug in my monitor to the card i get a black screen , The fan is spinning and everything system starts up. But the screen stays black. I disabled my onbaord , tried even deleting it , nothing seems to work. I have 450 watt power supply , it's enough because the card did work before. And it requires atleast 400 watts. I've tried a lot of things and cannot find a solution , anyone that can please help?
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  1. Sounds like a driver problem. Go to safe mode and delete and install new driver. Your new driver must be 100% compatible with your operating system! For example if you have Windows 7 64-bit version you must have the corresponding graphic drivers for that Windows! Go to nvidia website and select your graphic card model, your operating system version and e.c.t. then download and install your new driver. Restart your computer. That will (probably) fix your problem.

    And to be absolutely sure that it's not a power supply issue, give me your psu (full) brand/model name, and i will check it for compatibility.
  2. Plz give your full system specs (450W supply is 2 little information, give its brand, even exact name).
  3. HP PC
    Windows 7 ultimate 32bit
    ASUStek computer motherboard.
    Phoenix BIOS that cannot be updated cause the site does not have anything at all.
    AMD dual core processor 3800+.
    5150Gigs of ram.
  4. He/she wanted the model of your psu as well.

    I own this card as well and am using it but only as a dedicated card. Be sure that it is clean ie no dust in the cooler. Is there any other issues with this card?
  5. The hell with it , I'll just buy a new video card and see if that will work. It's been almost 1 month of trying to fix it.
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