Low FPS after 10 minutes in any game! plz help

Hi there,

Really does anyone have any solution with this;

Lets say i play a game 10 minutes long, (Bad Company 2, Dead Space 2...) i have like 60 - 80 fps (Gtx 260) settings medium - high.
After this, i get below 10 fps, and it will continue like that, until i restart the game, after i restart it and launch the game right away, it's normal again for the next 10 minutes.
My Card gets maximum to 68-70 °C.
It's really annoying to play like that, if anyone has a solution, i'll really appreciate it.

My Specs:

Intel Quad Core Q9400 @ 2.79 Ghz
Win7 ultimate x64
4 GB 1066 Mhz DDR3
2x 2 TB HDD - Western Digital
GTX 260 Stock Clocks, yes i even overclocked it for 15 minutes to test if it helps, but no results.

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  1. How long have you had that problem and what is your screen resolution? Knowing your power supply model could help too.
  2. well it was over time i think, it was like getting worse and worse,
    i have a 850 W PSU
    i play on 1680 x 1050 i tried 1024 x 768 but there its even worse what the..
    could it be that nvidia has some bugs in their drivers with memory in the graphics cards ?
  3. You do have the latest drivers, right?
  4. yep, i tried many drivers, the 266.58 is the latest yes, but its like a nightmare for me..:p the best at the moment for me is 258.96
  5. maybe i found the problem i don't know. but i didn't mention, i had some problems some a while ago, my bios and the sensors of my cpu being weired, they show for example 75 °C on idle and over 120 °C on load, but yeah i even asked some guys where i bought my pc from, they checked it with some hardware monitor laser directly into the chip, it showed there 55 °C, but then again, because the sensors are so inaccurate, bios thinks it's heating up, and its throttling it down ? and thats why i get performance issues?
  6. sorry for double post, but just look at this picture

    its after i closed my game, 20 seconds later, you can see its over the 100 °C TJMax, but mc pc didn't reboot or anything. and yeah its clocked there 1,99 ghz, but you know because its 0 % on load
  7. You need to reapply some tim on your heatsink your cpu is way too hot. After you reapply tim download realtemp and check temp.
  8. i did get thermal paste on it like 3 days ago.
    i did the testing with AA i maybe loose 10 fps or something, so i get 70 fps most of the times, but yeah after a period of time it gets 10-20 fps

    Edit: If i quickly end the game and restart it within 20 seconds, its normal again for 10 minutes, i think its memory leak or something dunno.
  9. small bump.

    sadly but yes, here is the confirmation that it's throttling down to 1,99 Ghz even when it should be on 2,79 :/
  10. Quote:
    its your temps. How much thermal did you apply? Check if the heatsink ain't loose. Did you OC it?

    I did not OC it. it runs @ Stock speeds.
    i checked and i can guarantee everything is ok in the case.
    when i touch the heatsinks inside, it just feels warm but not overheating.
    i have this pc since 2 years, and all the time these temperatures, don't you think it would say byebye with these temperatures for like a few months ..?
    i think my temperatures are like 102 °C / 2 = 51 °C.
    the cpu never applys #PROCHOT to shut itself down.
    for example, i started my pc today, it was shutdown over night, and went directly into bios, and it said to me 90 °C.
    maybe it shows me the double, of the actual temps?
    and my fan speed is 1935 RPM.. speedfan doesen't work for me unfortunately, i would like to get it to 3000 rpm, noise is no problem for me, if anyone knows a good software to manage cpu fan speed i would appreciate it

  11. hey again, thanks for all your answers,
    but it isn't really the fan or heatsinks they're set i chcked them 3 times already.
    but what i did now, i set the cpu that it can't go lower than 2,33 Ghz when it needs to throttle, it works i don't get any performance issues, and tested for 30 minutes, but im afraid the processor maybe needs the throttling, and my pc will just shut down, and won't boot or something?
  12. just to be safe, remove the hsf, clean off all the old thermal crap and apply some fresh stuff, also make sure your hsf is clean and not blocked up.

    video card - also check for dust build up.

    windows side of things - disable antivirus, auto-scans (AVG is stupid like this).

    what brand psu? tell me something decent please.

    also perhaps a fresh install of windows.

    also set your page file manually - 8000/8000 - see wether that will help you.
  13. Video card is checked, removed dust with compressed air.
    i use kaspersky, disabled it.
    PSU Corsair GS800
    done fresh install of Win7 x64 2 days ago
    page file, will try now.

    and check this out its so weired.

    there is one cpu 52 °C and one is 77 °C, whats the truth now here?
    i think its the 52 °C. but bios and other software think its the 77 °C, thats why the cpu throttels down :/
  14. Problem Solved :D

    1. I had so much dust on my fan, that gets all the new air in the case, i can't even explain how much there was..
    I cleaned my Cpu Fan with really high compressed air.
    and when i turned it on, on 100 % load on 1 minute, i had over 102 °C (when the problem was _not_ solved yet.)
    now i have on 100 % load, after 30 minutes with prime95 ~ 57 °C

    Cheers :D hope it helps you out too, people that have these problems
  15. Yeah, its typical, happend to me first time i runned my PC (a fin pin didnt allow good contact for my CPU and the water cooling part).

    Btw next time take a picture of the dust! :D
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