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I have a work mates computer where the plastic brack around the AMD 64 x2 Duel Core processor has a broken bit that the heatsink/fan uses to lock onto the top of the CPU.

My question is, what do I search for to find a replacement bracket for the heatsink/fan.
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  1. We need to know the exact make and model of the motherboard to help you. an option would be to get an aftermarket heatsink/fan that comes with a mounting bracket.
  2. Quote:
    How many clips are there in TOTAL? 2? 1 on each side?

    Yes, one on each side and a leaver to sort of leverage it down on top of it.

    I will post the motherboard info in the morning, cheers for the feedback everyone. Should of looked at that first! :pfff:
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  4. M2N-MX SE PLUS, that sound right? lol
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