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hello everyone, i just want to say im new here and want to congratulate u for the great page...

my situation is this... i bought this hp pavilion dv4 1435 more than a year and a half ago, and shortly after began playing online games... not demanding ones, just regular games... everything went fine until, about 7 months ago, while playing, the "display driver stopped and has recovered" problem began... this only happened while i was playing, i could watch movies or surf the web w/o any problem.

i contacted HP support, where we reinstalled drivers, updated them, i even returned the lap to its factory state, without success.... they told me it could be the chip itself, so i took it to a repair center, where they checked it, even to voltage and that kind of stuff, and no results...

now im desperate, so i went back to trying on my own in case its a driver problem... i downloaded driver manager programs, so i could update everything and check all the drivers, but today, as i was trying to remove the Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphics Driver, i noticed it doesnt seems to unistall... i tried to boot in safe mode, go to device manager, and unistall them (cause strangly, in the display drivers tab, there appears to be 2 of them)... but then when the lap restarted, windows update reinstall it... so i went to turn off that kind of reinstalling, tried to unistall it again via safe mode, but when i come back, it still looks as if i have the driver installed, eventhough device manager does not show it, and even typing dxdiag, in the display tab, doesnot show anything, just "n/a"...

so i was wondering why is this happening? why cant i unistall this completely... when i tried some months ago, i could install drivers from fresh, the lap was like in VGA or something, with large resolution or something... but now, eventhough i "unistall" the drivers, and that device manager and other stuff cant find it, it looks as if i have the driver... as if i never unistalled it... any help would be appreciated!
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  1. What are the games you are playing? Are they browser based? It may be possible that the browser you are using is trying to have an interaction with the graphics drivers that the drivers do not like. I believe that certain browsers try to implement GPU acceleration these days. It sounds like your machine is in a bit of a mess. Restore to Factory then install the latest drivers for your GPU once and leave it at that. The problem may well be in the applications you are running not the OS.
  2. no, they are not browser based... i play stuff like perfect world, forsaken world, battle of the immortals... even a little aion and ragnarok online...

    and when i contacted the hp support, i did that stuff of restoring to factory and iisntalling the latest drivers, but with no success =(
  3. Ok. I checked it out and I suspect that your issue may lay in the RAM. The Graphic Chip uses the RAM for its memory. I suspect that when you are gaming the task pushes the RAM beyond its ability. The Graphics Chip fails at a memory level so Windows jumps in and shuts down the 3D capabilities in an attempt to stop the whole system crashing. As there will be lot of people who don't use their laptops for gaming the problem doesn't show up as much. I have found a webpage that seems to indicate that the model in question is plagued with issues. I always recommend Sony, Toshiba and Asus for the general quality of their products.

    One poster on the site indicates that his problems were resolved when he upgraded the laptop from 2 to 4 GB RAM. Its the best lead I have so far.

  4. Hi! first of all, thanks for taking the time for helping me!

    im not an expert on computers but i have learned quite a bit over time... and yes, i think one time i thought that RAM could be a problem, since, as you say, this only happens when i "stress" the memory, this is by playing some games...

    other thing i have to mention is that, in the beginning, my lap came with vista x64, and that's when the problem began... but then after some months, one techician suggested me to change to 7, and he made the change, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed he installed windows 7 x32!! so now in the "my computer" properties, it says i have 4 gb ram but only 2.9 usable... this is just an observation, though, since, as i said, my problem began since i had vista x64....

    so yes, it might be a ram problem but well... i (used to) have full 4 gb RAM and still got the problem... still should i run memorytest or something?? would it detect something? :o
  5. Win 7 is very picky about its RAM. One Brand made my Toshiba Blue Screen and another Brand no problems. Vista was finicky also. Yes run Mem Test as Dadiggle has suggested and see what we can turn up.

    The thing is though it may not actually be a "problem" in the normal sense as you may just be pushing a lightweight laptop beyond its ability. Intel Integrated Graphics just doesn't do well with games.

    The Four Series is dated technology also.

    As the games have probably updated overtime they will likely be more demanding.
  6. well, i've tried driver sweeper but it only support ati and nvidia drivers... intel is not listed :S ... so i dont know if i should try it anyway?

    about the BIOS stuff, i've checked and there's nothing to do with the vram... or at least i cant find anything about :/

    and yes.. i know my chip is not great for games, but well, i used to play them w/o problems, and one day, poom, the problem started... i cant even play ragnarok online which is quite old... or DOTA... which i can play on a much older lap with 512 ram... xD so its quite a particular caes.... anyway, ill run memtest at night so it can be on for some hours hehe :p
  7. oh and i forgot to say, i have NOD32
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