PC keeps rebooting when inserting 4 x RAM modules

I've got a Sabertooth Z77 with i7-3770K. After inserting all 4 pieces of Corsair Vengeance Blue 1600 ram, the PC keeps rebooting every 3 seconds or so. The mem_led is constantly lighted up during that 3 secs. Do you know what is wrong? the motherboard or the ram? I've upgraded to the latest bios and using default values.

Besides, i've tested this 4 pieces of ram on the earlier motherboard P8Z68V Pro/Gen3. The same problem. I thought it was the memory slots problem. so, i returned and ordered a different board (the current one).

i got this ram in 2 different batch. It is a 2 x 4G. i bought one pair earlier, then a week later, i bought another pair. So, when i look at the label behind the ram, they have different version/batch number. But specs wise, the same. 9-9-9-24 and 1600.

Appreciate if anyone could help, thanks.

EDIT: I've tested with all the modules going to which slots, and found that no problem with them. Only when all 4 modules in the slots, the system will keep rebooting, even before reaching the bios, first 3-5 secs. When i take out any ram modules from any slots, it will boot into windows without problem.... strange, eh?
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  1. it the asus mb i have it and there picky on the ram you use.if you look on the ram guild online for that mb you see that some ram is only good for two slots some from three and some for all four ram slots. if i thought the mb was this picky on ram i would have switch it to another brand.
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