Asus z77 sabertooth vs Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty

Im getting ready to buy the parts for my new build. Im stuck on which motherboard to choose. Im split between the:

Asrock z77 fatal1ty professional
and the:
Asus Z77 sabertooth.

Both fit my colour scheme which is important (red, black and grey), but i cant choose between them. If you could help me with pros and cons and your oppinion i would be very happy. Im living in Denmark so prices on newegg wont really do much and here where i live the 2 boards are roughly the same price with a difference of 10-20 dollars.
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  1. The ASRock is a better gaming mobo and the ASUS is better for stability. The Sabertooth is supposed to have better heat protection, but fewer features. The Fatal1ty is designed as a gamers mobo and is has more features.
  2. Both great boards but I feel the Asus Sabertooth is more solid and has better components than the Asrock, it also has a 5 year warranty. Depends what features matter to you at the end of the day.
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