EVGA GTX 580 3 Gig for HD Video Editing

Should I just go with a Cuadro 4000 for $300 more or can I use this one with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum until I buy the Adobe Premiere CS5?

I am also using something called a MiniMax as recommended by Videoguys.com which is supposed to let you encode in accelerated fashion to H.264 web format (QUICKLY) and other formats in a regular output time. It also lets you see REALTIME with Adobe CS5 what you are editing as it will look broadcast quality for only $800 or so bucks, but you need an HD TV for that. It has a built-in calibrator.
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  1. Might I suggest a GTX 570? Not quite as strong, but has the same capability in CS5 I believe for $150 less.
  2. Thanks for recommending the GTX570, but I spend lots of time with nVidia on the phone discussing the differences. I actually bought the EVGA GTX 580 3Gig, but I finally decided to go with the Quadro 4000 which is being offered with a rebate early June from select nVidia partners. You have to call them to find out who the partners are.

    I found out that the GTX series is gamer-based and has a shorter warranty. The Quadro is made to last longer and is optimized to perform BEST with Adobe. Since that's what I'm using, that's why I'm going with it. It is certified, just like some of the GTX's are, but the engineering for the Quadro works best with Adobe. You see it if you look at two computers side-by-side.
  3. Gonna be honest, I personally think that the quadro's for that usage are a ripoff. They give a good warranty yes, but the GTX 570 has more shaders and a higher clock for the same price. I am somewhat ignorant in the matter, but what I know for a fact is that they charge quite a premium for their Quadro line. I would have gone with a 570 or 580.

    However, the Quadro IS designed as a workstation card, so I believe you get added features like 3 monitor support and streamlined production tools for certain programs.
  4. Just to tell you, the usage of Cuda in Mercury Engine doesn't justify getting a $350 card (570), a $400 card (580), or a $800 card (Quadro 4000), Getting the 560 Ti ($250) is sufficient. The money spared is better spent on a 2500K/2600K since the 2600K has HT which would help a bit. That or getting 8/16gb of ram. Or an SSD.
  5. Correct, but he would have to hack the software to use the 560 ti for Mercury correct? I know the 570 and 580 are the only one's officially supported.
  6. ^ True.
  7. If anyone is interested in getting the Quadro 4000 for up to $200 less than the average price out there (around $800-850) than go to this link http://www.applied-computer.com/Inventories/ProductDetail.aspx?PG=3&GroupID=4404520

    Ask for PNY/nVidia's $100 rebate form. That website up there already offers the BEST price I could find out there. You have all of the June 2011 to submit the form for $100 off! They have excellent live chat during the day Pacific Time zone.
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