How To Connect an Interal USB port with Front Panel port


I have a Asus P5Q3 DELUXE/WIFI-AP Motherboard and I want to able to connect a usb 3.0 card so that I cant have more ports. I have decieded to buy this:

StarTech 4 Port USB 3.0 (900mA per port) PCI Express Card (PEXUSB3S4) [PEXUSB3S4]

I really wanted to have an internal USB port because before I tried to connect my front panel USB to the Motherboard internal option but the cable that came with the motherboard wasn't long enough, so i got rid of the front panel ports and used my back ones.

Now I really want to able to use the front panel ports again but I'm a little confused to how would I connect the internal part of USB card with my front panel, seeing as I don't have my front usb ports any more I would have to buy one of those somehow, does anyone know where I can get an long internal cable and a front panel usb ports? That would be compatible with the StarTech ports I am buying?
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  1. this is a usb 2.0 board and it got 2 connector for the front usb in the bottom right of board that where front panel should connect to give usb to the case front panel give model and name of computer case
  2. I though he said he no longer had the front panel, if he just wants to connect the front panell then he just need an extention cable like these.
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