How to use HDMI with GTX 480

Hello, Im using a dual GTX 480 setup on a single monitor LG 32 inch full HD lED, but everytime i use the HDMI cable the colors appear terrible and the desktop's edges are out of the screen, help a noob out guys ;;
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  1. Are you saying the colors are fine when connected to a DVI port but colors and screen position only becomes corrupt when connecting to the HDMI port on the same video card?

    Have you tried using the monitor controls - probabaly on screen - the calibrate color and adjust screen position?
  2. Hey mate thanks a bunch, it's exactly as you said, a few minutes of screwing around with the remote got everything as clear as glass, thanks again =)
  3. Have the same problem when using a mini hdmi to hdmi cable i get like purple lines randomly placed cutting through half the screen although i've tried changing my monitor settings nothing will get rid of them could it be the card is just a dud?
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