Phenom ii x3 720 or athlon ii x3 455 for Gaming ?

my system:
gtx 460 SLI
XFX nForce 750a SLI (MDA72P7509) Motherboard
and am looking for the best processor that will work in my mobo and work fine with my 2 gtx 460 1g
and i found the phenom ii x3 720 at the supported amd cpu for my mobo :

and i also found the athlon ii x3 455 in the best cpu for the money article because my budget 60~100.
the mobo support am2+ .. dose am3 cpu work at am2+ mobo ?
just give me your recommendations .. thatx
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  1. why no one posted any thing :(
  2. According to your link you can use a 955 which is the best option
  3. 955 is not support .. only 95w cpu works
  4. phenom ii x3 720 VS athlon ii x3 455

    2.8ghz 3.3ghz

    L3 cache
  5. phenom ii x3 720 VS athlon ii x3 455

    2.8ghz 3.3ghz

    L3/6mb L2 only

    wich one for Gaming basically.. am not going to overclock.
    i can't find any bechmarks :(
  6. the mobo doesn't support 955 , it only support cpu running at 95w
  7. if you cant get up enough to get the x4 910, the 800 series is the exact same cpue but with less L3 cache

    let me add this, I replaced an phenom II x2 (255 i think it was) in my grandsons pc with an X3 720 and its a good gamer! Overall the system even feels more responsive. If you have a cooler already youo can get the OEm version. I pd $50 for it new.
  8. ok .. what about athlon ii x3 455 ? for 80 with heatsink and fan at newegg ?
  9. can i know whats "OEM" and why i need cou cooler for it ?
    and can my motherboard accept the cooler ? its:
    MSI NF750-G55 AM3
    and whats the "CPU COOLER" types ??
  10. why i will need a cpu cooler ?
  11. is it necessary to have a cpu cooler ?
  12. ok.. whats your final recommendation for me ?

    (athlon ii x3 455 VS phenom ii x3 720 with cooler)
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