Windows 7 blackscreen after login

i had my new system for a few weeks, built myself and it seemed to run fine. unfortunately on one startup all seemed to run smoothly but when i logged in the screen turned black, the hard drive light is still flashing and the computer seems to be working.

i have updated the bios and all of the components of my system, speaking of which.

gigabyte p67a-ud4-b3
Intel Core i5 2500K
Gainward GeForce GTX 570 1280MB
Corsair CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 12GB (3x4GB) Dominator
CoolerMaster Silent Pro M600 600W
Windows 7 home premium

please note that it was not a hardware incompatibility as the system worked for 2-3 weeks before it stated to act up.

i have also sent the graphics card back to have it tested and it came back with no faults showing.

any help would be appreciated, thank you very much.
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  1. It may still be a hardware problem for i am unskilled in these matters.

    also note that i was able to perform updates to the motherboard as safe mode still works.
  2. Quote:

    I fixed this issue, I too had the same problem. Here is how I did it.

    1) Reboot and press F8
    2) Select "Repair my computer"
    3) Select the keyboard layout and lanugage
    4) When you reach system recovery tools, select System restore.
    5) Select the restore point when it was working fine and restart the computer.

    That's it....

    If you do not have the system restore points, try startup repair.

    or you can try this:

    Hope this helps you.

    i have actually tried it, since i posted this i have gotten desperate and tried also completely wiping the hard drive (reformat to ntfs), before that i restored to a point a few weeks before the computer failed.

    i have also flashed the bios with the latest update said to improve compatability, no change.

    after reinstalling windows 7 the same problem happened after i installed the graphics drivers. which are now up to version 275.33, as opposed to when i started having to problem of version 268.
  3. anndd finally i sent the graphics card back to the store to be tested and it came back with no problems, i have now procured a graphics card from a friend and will test it tomorrow morning.

    also the computer works fine with ubuntu running off the cd, though that proves little, i think

    thanks and cheers to all who have read this, thanks also for all future help
  4. it seems my issuewas my graphics card, which seemed to have an incompatability with something in my system, oh well, time to sell and buy a new one :)
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