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I will be purchasing an Asus 6970 card which has the following ports: 1 x HDMI, 2 x Mini DisplayPort, 2 x DVI.

I'm looking to have 3 monitor setup (all 3 monitors will be identical) with max resolution of 1920 x 1200.

1. Which 3 ports on the video card should I be using for optimal picture clarity? If I need to buy special adapters or anything, that's fine.
2. What are the best cables that one can purchase? (And no, I am not interested in gold-plated cables costing $300 and such...)

Thank you in advance as I appreciate your comments and assistance.

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  1. Bueller?... Bueller...?
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    For three you need to use the Mini-displayport. The other two are up to you and from my experience it really doesn't matter which ones. I have mine setup to the two DVI's and one on the DP but I have also used the HDMI and it made no picture difference. Again you do have to use the mini DP for your third connection.

    Cable wise just get some shielded DVI cables and a DP cable and all will be well. I suggest your monitors be able to accept DP as a lot do not. If you do not get DP capable monitors then you have to use an active adapter to change the DP to DVI or HDMI if you want to EyeInfinity.
  3. So, I cannot use 2 DVI and HDMI?
    What's the reason that I have to use mini DP instead of HDMI?

    Can someone else verify this? I am getting more confused now.
  4. Monitors are 60 Hz.
  5. LOL

    I tried to point him to WSGF so he could learn this on his own.
  6. I thank you for the answer, but there really is no need to end it in a condescending manner. I am a newbie and have started doing my own research, but sometimes I get conflicting information in addition to having a steeper learning curve.

    I'd rather have no answer than a condescending one.
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