"memory" error, clean results after tests

win7 64bit ultimate
amd phenomII x6 1090t
G.skill ripjaws 8gb (4x2)
MSI 870a-g54 mobo
MSI n460gtx 1gb video

Ive ran memtest 86, 86+, win mem diagnostic, fdisk, and pretty much every single test under the sun i can think of, i get random memory related errors (usually)from 0x01(inspect.sys) 0x7e (stop) 0x24 (stop)and most recently 0x50 (page fault in nonpaged area)

Crashes are random, nonspecific, can happen when playing a game, watching a movie, browsing the net and i get nowhere with each incarnation of the problem.

machine is NOT overclocked (even though alot of the parts look like OC gear) i had that bite me hard back when i had an amd k6-2 :) i got this stuff specifically for non-OC speed and reliability, seems i missed something, can anyone assist?
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  1. Random nonspecific crash events like this when tested memory appears clear during boot based scans usually are the result of a failing power supply, try swapping out your power supply and/or running on one stick of memory for a day or so.
  2. I changed PSU to an older perfectly working one i had upgraded from, same problems. Memory still tests fine.

    Possible motherboard problem? video isnt corrupted, sound is fine, no disk errors upon scans with manufacturer drive tools, drivers updated, windows updated. no usb attachments other than mouse which worked fine on old PC last month, same dvd drive from old machine with no problems.

    current PSU:Coolermaster 460w - same issue

    "new" psu Thermaltake 850-Watt TR2 RX - same issue
  3. Could try giving your RAM a voltage bump to see if there might be a bit of instability in its current voltage setting.
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