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I've been searching the internet for some proper tests of the most popular and best wireless routers. It seems the internet is crowded with bollocks reviews focusing on everything but the most important fact, the transfer speed.

I am trying to find a replacement for a DLINK DIR-615 that was provided by my ISP. I am interested in getting the most bang for my buck, i.e. good transfer speeds for best price. It's typical that the thing I need performance charts on is the component that isn't included. :P I know the last time I bought a router, dlink had the best performance. This was an expensive gigabit wireless router so I wouldn't be surprised if some of their lower end products aren't as good as the competition.

Anyway, anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Not bad. I have had some dodgy experience with linksys though and this worries me:

    "My larger concern is the reliability of the throughput, which can tail off after a few hours of use. Still, if you don't mind giving the E2000 a kick in pants every now and then with a reboot, it's decent networking device." (Lynn, 2010)
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