Gaming system (2 builds to pick from)

I am not sure if this is right forum. there is homebuilt forum too.

I am debating between 2 budget gaming system builds, 4GB ram both, processor is same (phenom2 quad 840 @ 3.2):
A) motherboard: AMD 760G + SB710/ ATI Radeon 3000 onboard
B) motherboard: NVIDIA GeForce 7025/nForce 630a

The cost is similar, so the deciding factor is Graphics card decision. Found those cards within budget I set for system:
GeForce GT 440 1GB GDDR3
ATI Radeon 5670 1GB GDDR3
ATI Radeon 5750 (1slot) 1GB GDDR5 [or 5770 if worth it]

Sorted from cheap to expensive, is the performance jump from GDDR3 to GDDR5 big enough? or is GDDR5 overkill for my setup?
also will ATX tower case with generic 400w PSU accommodate all these? and will one motherboard have any problem with those graphic cards?
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  1. ^ From where are you buying the parts ?
    From the above choices,
    Mobo - 760G
    Graphics card - For gaming, the 5670 would be a good starting card, anything higher would be better for higher resolutions/ high graphic games,...
    And going with a generic PSU is a very big risk,... Any 350W+ PSUs from Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ OCZ/ PCP&s/ Antec should be able to handle the 5670 without much issues,...
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