GTS 240 BSOD - DELL XPS 630i


First here are my ORIGINAL specs, and I have explained what has happened afterwards.

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00 GHz
8800 GT (eventually replaced with GTS 240 twice[dell warranty])
Windows Vista 32bit (eventually replaced with Windows 7[self purchased])

Thursday, March 3rd, my computer crashed out of nowhere, it wouldn't turn on.

Tuesday, March 8th, Dell technician replaces Power Supply and Motherboard. Computer turns on, but is having driver issues.

Wednesday, March 9th, Dell replaces 8800 GT with GTS 240. Computer still has driver issues, will only boot into safe mode properly. Reinstall and reformat/reinstalls of Windows Vista have been done.

Friday, March 11th, Dell replaces GTS 240 with ANOTHER GTS 240. Still having driver issues, they decide to send me a hard drive. I am still waiting for it.

In the mean time, I went and bought a HITACHI 500gb HDD and installed it myself, and also went and bought Windows 7 because the technician thought it may be a Vista issue. So I installed Windows 7 64 bit version on the new hard drive. I then installed the latest nVidia drivers and everything seemed to be working. My computer would boot to the point where it showed "Starting Windows" and then the screen would go black, and then eventually BSOD. I began reading these forums and followed one users advice to try each piece of RAM individually , I have done such, and each stick of RAM allows me to boot properly with the drivers installed. None of them cause BSOD.

I have no clue where to go from here, you can see it has been a grind since 9 days ago when my computer crashed. I just want this thing to work, so I can run WoW again. Please assist me in any way possible. Thank you.
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  1. I did some more tests and I can run 2 sticks of RAM , but if I put either of the remaining 2 in the 3rd slot, it causes BSOD. I put a piece in the 4th slot and booted, and it booted fine, however it seems it isn't recognizing that there is 3GB of RAM as it only states there is 2GB. I think however it could be that the computer won't read past the 3rd slot if there is no RAM inserted?
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