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Second DVD drive not recognised in the BIOS

I have added a second SATA DVD drive to my Windows 7 computer and it is not recognized in the BIOS or in Windows Explorer. When I reconnect this drive as the first DVD drive it works as expected thus eliminating several possibilities such as faulty power and data cables and connections.

The mainboard is an Micro Star MS-7707 as read on the board itself and confirmed by Belarc Adviser. Yet I cannot locate this board on the MSI Website when I looked for a mainboard manual there.

Can anyone offer me some guidance please towards getting the second DVD drive recognized? Any assistance will be gratefully received.

Malcolm Walker
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  1. Just to make sure I am not assuming something...
    When you plugged the 2nd drive into the 1st drive's SATA port did you also plug the 1st drive into the 2nd SATA port?

    I'm not finding much on that board either: found it mentioned on a laptop mobo driver download site and also mentioned in an Apple Mac forum.
    What brand and model of computer is it in?
  2. Thank you for your prompt response. I have done both of your assumptions. I realize now that there is one check I need to make and that is whether the original DVD drive will work from one or both of the spare SATA sockets. I do that and report back on the outcome.

    The computer is a Medion Akoya P5204 D (MD7659)
  3. Desktop?

    Are you plugging in the ODD to a native SATA port? Not to an add-on controller?
  4. I haven't added anything except the drive and a SATA data cable to one of two spare sockets on the mainboard. The SATA power cable was available from the cables harness.
  5. Neither drive works when connected to one or other of the spare SATA sockets. As the computer is under warranty I can only assume the mainboard is faulty. That is unless I have missed something?
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    It sounds like that SATA port may be dead.

    The only other thing I can think of is to go into the BIOS and see if there is an option to discover drives. I have dealt with some BIOSes that required you to go in to the BIOS , have the BIOS 'find' the drive and then save changes to the BIOS. I haven't seen that in a long while, but heck it's worth a shot.

    Otherwise, if the computer is under warranty then by all means take advantage of that.
  7. Thank you for the BIOS `discover' hint - long forgotten! I've checked and `discover' is not present in the BIOS of the computer.

    I'll pursue the warranty later.
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