One router , 2 user account in one internet connection, 2 pc


I am having a pain, a big pain and I need help!!!

The internet connection that is passed through a netgear router works fine at my home. At first it takes me to a page where I need to give a login and password to start using the net. The other user connected to that router then starts using the internet that I logged on. Even though he has his own login and password but he just do not get the prompt to enter them as I already entered the info. What I want is, every time any of the computer connected to this router wants to go to internet it takes us both to that login page so we can give our individual login and password.

Please help me.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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  1. seems it is a trouble. no one seem to answer this problem :(

    both pc running windows 7. wireles or wired whatever it is router is working fine.
  2. If this is a setting set in the router, you need to check documentation for it.
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