Motherboard/Mouse and format question

So i have had to RMA my motherboard, ASrock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3, it started frizting on me (causes im still trying to figure out)

so i have 2 questions, I am replacing the motherboard with the same motherboard, not changing brand or style, it will still be the Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3. Will I have to format? Or since its the exazct same board and not a different one, can I not format and it still function ok?

secondly, I have a Cyborg R.A.T 7 mouse, everytime i gather static, I shock it and it turns the mouse off, or causes it to glitch. can that cause dmg to my MoBo? or something else?

thanks in advance
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  1. Your motherboard swap should be OK if they are the same version number. I'm not sure if your O/S will see it as a board swap or not as far as the legality of it if you are using an OEM version, though. Maybe someone else has had that experience.

    It sounds like you have a static electric discharge problem. Be sure your system is plugged into a properly grounded outlet. If you don't have electrical experience or equipment to test with, use a simple receptacle tester like this:
    If your desk chair is on an ungrounded plastic mat, that could also be your problem.
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