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Hello everyone,
I'm looking to build a new pc and this is the conclusion i have reached too during my research in this site articles..
Check it out :

Mobo - Sabertooth P67 (because the X58 has 3 + PCI-e slots which is un-needed by me, or am i missing something i should know besides that ? and is this whole thermal protection stuff here is good for anything or complete bs?)

CPU - Not sure for this one.. either the i5 2500K or the i7 2600K.. (the K stands for Overclock ready right ? )

Memory - 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Kingston HyperX Dual Channel CL9-9-9-27‎
2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance B Dual Channel CL9-9-9-24 (what does the "B" stands for ? )

Graphic Card - Already bought the ASUS GTX570 1.25GDDR5

PSU - Already bought the Chieftec 750Wattz PSU

Hard Disk - Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA III WD1002FAEX

SSD - Need a suggestion on a 40-60 Giga SATA 2 (Is it really that performance changer ? )

Case - Corsair CC600T Graphite Midi Tower Case (No PSU)

Ok so thats it..
I hope everything is compatible with the other and.. What do you think ?
Thanks, Spec.
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  1. Don't go with that case! Your gtx 570 will make that a furnace. For that price you could go with NZXT Phantom, Antec 1200, or if you want to stay mid size HAF 922.

    SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTX60G 2.5" 60GB $120. Great speeds and you'll notice that your computer feels faster as opening folders/starting programs feel instant. Boot times are also quick.

    RAM: Does the B stand for black or blue? Oh and I'd pick corsair over kingston

    CPU: Is this for gaming? then i5 2500k. If you are going to be doing lots of video/photo editing, video transcoding, 3d rendering, stuff requiring more cpu output and benefiting from the hyperthreading then go with i7.

    Mobo: haven't tried the thermal protection but it's another way of reducing motherboard heat.

    PSU: Never head of chieftec..but I believe if you want 2x570s then you need 850W
  2. Just wondering, why would it make it a furnace ?
    I already bought the PSU so no need to change it anyway.
    From those cases you offer, in the biggest shop in israel i can only find the Antec which i actually like alot.. crazy ass number of fans (6) with optional 2 more on the side, but doesnt it make it a Noisy computer ?

    Regarding the CPU, im looking to do Both gaming on maxed out 1680X1050 (my current monitor.. oh well) and Photoshop/After effects (rendering) with good speeds..

    A question as i see your rig on ur sig, can you play with that rig any of those high end games on maxed out details and resolution ? The Witcher 2 and such
  3. The Corsair 600T doesn't have good air flow. I just meant the 570 is a pretty hot card to begin with and having a case with little airflow will just trap all that heat in there. The antec 1200 has a lot of fans but they are large with low rpm making it not very loud with great airflow.

    My rig works fine for the games I'm playing. I don't have witcher 2, crysis, metro2033 and whatnot but I can say it handles Portal 2, Rift, WoW, oblivion on their highest settings. My rig is mostly for Skyrim and SWTOR when they come out but it should be able to handle those other games I'd think at or close to their settings with a decent frame rate.

    The resolution will be based more on your gpu than cpu. If you are doing a lot of photoshop/after effects you might consider the 2600k.
  4. Yep, im building this whole new computer for BF3 and Skyrim..
    Thanks for the info meanwhile mate, Rift is an awesome game ;)
    Il wait and see what others may think about this setup just to make sure..

    PS, there are no compatibility issues with those parts right ? i mean they are all set to work together ?
  5. They are all compatible and from what I understand you are probably going to grab a second 570 for BF3?
  6. what you heard ?
    if il need to than i will..
    Whats the difference between the x58 and the p67 or z68 ?
  7. From my understanding a lot of people have been getting 2x 570s for BF3. I assume it will be a more graphic intensive game could be wrong though :P

    x58 is the old platform intel no longer supports.

    h67 allows using integrated graphics and quick sync

    p67 allows for cpu overclocking

    z68 allows cpu overclocking, using the integrated graphics, quick sync, and ssd caching. (h67+p67+ssd caching on one mobo)
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    The Sabertooth is a great board..... and the thermal armor does its job.

    2500k for gaming, 2600k if you use anything that benefits from HT

    For CAS 9 RAM, Corsair

    GFX - Very good board, just don't mess w/ voltage above manufacturer's published limits.

    PSU - I'd bring it back, nota good brand and undersized for two 570's

    SSD - 40 - 60GB will keep you going 3-4 months ..... unless you are very adept at shrinking windows footprint (removing patch undo files, moving user files, temp files, etc), I get a 120 gigger.

    Is it really that performance changer ?

    Depends ... are you looking to post great benchmarks or are you looking to have a life changing experience ? If the latter, no, you are not going to be bowled over. Here's the results of my testing on a SB system:

    ATTO Benchmark - More than 3.76 to 1 is impressive
    Vertex 3 SSD - 550ish
    Barracuda XT HD -146ish

    Boot to Windows Desktop (password Screen) - 1.36 to one, not so much
    Vertex 3 SSD - 15.6
    Barracuda XT HD - 21.2

    Load MMO
    Vertex 3 SSD - 42 - 45 seconds (5 tries)
    Barracuda XT HD - 42 to 45 seconds (5 tries)

    Full Tower Cases - Antec DF-85 / 1200 / P193 - HAF-X / 932
    MId Tower Cases - Antec 902 V3 ... used to have 922 here but no front USN 3 port nixes it

    PSU's - I'd look for a 9.0 - 9.5 performance rating on for moderate overclocking and single GFX card ... 10.0 rating with serious OC and twin cards.

    10.0 Ratings would include Antec SG-850 , CP-850, Corsair AX850, HX850
    9.5 ratings would be Antec HCP / HCG / TP New series, Corsair TX V2 series, XFX Core series
  9. Those corsair you posted are 1333 MHz, im looking to get 1600..
    And regarding the Case, il think il go with the twelve hundred.. more cooling solutions as my room is quite the furnace in the summer..

    Regarding the PSU, by not good you mean its pure crap or it will do ? that is if i cant give it back.. since well, i opened the case
  10. My SLI OCed 570s with a OCed i5-2500k pull around 800W at full tilt on a benchmarking run, so I got a HX850 to give me some overhead. They can cleanly pull around 900W or so, with spikes up to 1000W. It's a great PSU.
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