1 speaker for 2 output

Here's what I got :
- Xbox360
- monitor
- PC
- speaker

The monitor can take in 2 input : HDMI and DVI. It does not have internal speaker. However, it does have one port for audio output.

I connect my monitor to the PC via DVI, the speaker is connected to the PC. The Xbox is connected to the monitor via HDMI.

Now, my question is, how do I get my speaker to play both the output from the monitor and the PC? Is there any way I can somehow make my speaker to take in input from both monitor and the PC?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You can purchase a splitter for the audio jacks and plug the speakers into both the PC and Xbox. You'll simply need to make sure the other is turned of when using either one of the two. With HDMI connectors from both PC and Xbox you can make this switch automatic, but as you said, the PC connection is DVI and not HDMI.
  2. What do you mean making the switch automatic? I can use HDMI as output from my PC actually, just that my monitor support only 1 HDMI. :(
  3. I'll assume your tv has an audio out jack as well as an audio in near the dvi connector. Plug the output of your pc into the dvi's audio in jack and plug your speakers into the audio out of the tv. You will most likely need an rca to rca cable to plug the pc's audio into the tv's

    Something like this:

  4. With "switch automatic" I mean HDMI displays usually have the ability to automatically switch between sources. Thus, plugging the PC and the Xbox into the TV at the same time will allow the TV to automatically switch between input signals if the Xbox/PC is switched on, thus routing the correct audio via the HDMI cable to the TV and from there to the speakers.
  5. You two are misunderstanding something. It's a monitor, not a TV. It has one Sub-D port, one DVI port, one HDMI port, one audio out. It does not have any audio in port.
  6. red_4900 bro if u connect hdmi to pc or any hdmi compatible av devices it will deliver both audio and video inputs and outputs u have to select in xbox sound output via hdmi then it will pass the sound to monitor i think ur monitors audio out is 3.5 mm jack, and what about pc connection from speaker u connected it with 3.5 mm jacks or anolog rgb or optical out if so u still have a 3.5 mm jack behind in ur speaker's sub woofer and i have 1 more doubt is it 2.1 or 5.1 or 7.1 which one u r using if u give the speaker details it will be crystal clear to u
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