Screen Blacking out when stress being applied to computer.

So, a while ago I had a problem with my computer screen going blank when I would put any stress on it, and It was solved by not running my air conditioner at the same time as my computer.

Now I'm experiencing the problem even if the air conditioner isn't on, any stress will more often then not cause my screen to black out, and stop any audio or video from being seen or heard, but the computer is still turned on.

I just tested with a brand new video card which was my initial target for the culprit of the problem, and that had absolutely no change. I also purchased a UPS which I didn't have during the initial thread and that caused no change aswell.

Im not sure if its the Power supply or the motherboard, but I decided to list this in the motherboard section because just trying to turn on my computer I got a chassis intrusion erorr, i restarted my computer and it was gone and now Im able to access my computer.

I will give as a final note before i start listing specifics of the components inside mcomputer, that earlier it was working perfectly fine, playing the old Alien vs Predator game at highest settings, and now I cant even start the game on the lowest seetings, or do a 800x600 stress test by FurMark. And I heard something that sounded like clicking, or some unnatural sound for a computer's internal workings before it crashed out the last time, but I wasn't able to spot where it came from before my computer went down.

Video Card -
Asus made Nvidia gtx 550 Ti direct CU (I tested another variant of the Nvidia gtx 550, it caused the same
problem whal being a completely new out of the box card)
Power Supply -
Victek Pro 850w

M4A88T-V Evo/Usb3 Extreme Design Edition.
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  1. The clicking sound you heard was "probably" the heads on the harddrive seeking across the platters.

    That's not a good thing...if you should check your "smart" status for the harddrive and see if you have anything failing with the drive/s.

    If not...find the manufacturer of your hdd and see what "tools" they have for determining the status of your drive.

    This could be the culprit for you crashes and furthermore...I would also check the power supply for could be in the process of failing too.

    Either one will give you headaches...for testing the power supply...the best way I know is to install a monitoring app for voltages and temps if you can find one from your motherboard the 3.3v...1.5v...12v+, 12v- and temps.

    If you can ascertain voltages and temps..and they are ok...then I would attempt to move the PSU to another pc and connect it to see if the problems move with the PSU...this either highlights the issue...or removes the PSU as a possible culprit and you can begin to look at other components. Of course...if the problem moves with the's the Power Supply Unit.
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