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I was having a heck of a time with my memory (err COMPUTER memory). My Gigabyte 970-UD3 would always show two 4Gb, as 4Gb, but two other 4Gb as 2Gb. No matter how I swapped them around it was always the same.

Well I looked around the BIOS, and decided to change from 150ns, to 110ns. After that it went down hill fast, and to quote my Mobo "Well, here's another nice kettle of fish you pickled me in!". So the question now is there a way to get back in the BIOS and correct my latest F UP, or just get a new board.

I mentioned the system won't even POST, in fact it won't do anything.

FX 8120
Gigabyte 970a-UD3
8Gb (2.4 Kingston DDR3 1600)
Sandisk 120Gb SSD
850 watt PSU
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  1. Try removing the CMOS battery and shorting the CLR CMOS pins with the jumper as per the manual.
  2. I removed the battery for a few minutes. While it didn't do much the first time doesn't seem like it can make things worse a second time.

    TYVM Clutchc
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