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I bought a Zalman Z9 case recently.
I'm looking to add some fans and I want to make sure I have their direction correct at each location so I don't mess up the airflow.

It's your basic bottom-mount psu case design. The case came with an intake on the bottom of the front panel and an exhaust on the top of the back panel. There are five additional slots. Two are in the rear of the top panel, two are on the side panel (the side opposite the motherboard). And one is on the bottom panel between the hard drive bays and the psu. My intuition tells me that the fans on the top panel should be exhaust and the fans on the bottom and side panels should be intake. I'm hoping someone can confirm or correct this.

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    Exhausts should be as far to the rear and as far to the top of the case as possible. Power supply should be mounted with the fan facing downward (into the case, actually, there will be a little slot for it to still draw air so don't worry). Side fans should blow onto the graphics card and/or CPU cooler and the fans at the front should be intakes to facilitate the flow of air in a single direction. Remember that a lot of fans mean a lot of dust - and I really do mean A LOT. Consider fan filters, and if that isn't available you can use normal pantyhose, doubled up and screwed tight under the intake fans (no need for filters on the exhaust fans, obviously). It's cheap and effective, and once they get too dirty you simply replace the pantyhose as a whole.
  2. Thanks, that helps a lot. pantyhose is a great idea.
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  4. Consider some pantyhose alternates .....

    - Next time around, a case equipped with them.

    - Something like this
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