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Okay, so I am building a new computer, I had a dell 8400, and I am using the hard drive and cd drive, I got a new motherboard (Asrock conroe 1333) a new cpu, intel core 2 duo e6700, and a new psu. I have 2x 1g's of memory and 2x 512mbs, will all of them in it wont turn on, well it did last night but now its not, the usb ports where showing power now they are not..

any ways my real problem is it is obviously not able to boot up because of my old hd, it will turn on but then say this config is not working.

Basically my question ins how do I install a new motherboard, and cpu on an old hard drive, and I do not need any of the stuff on the old hard drive but the operating system, but it is from a dell and people have said you cant use it for a different mother board, I can get windows 7 on my mac but I am not sure how I would install it to my old hd, and how I would clear it since it does not start up. Help please diablo 3 is eminent.
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  1. Best solution is do a clean install on new hard drive, use the drivers for mobo that came in a CD. Old OS has drivers for Dell.

    Also be sure that power supply is adequate.
  2. 1) You can't expect the new components to boot with the O/S that was configured with the old components. You must fresh install the O/S.

    2) The O/S you are trying to use was a single license. Just for the system it was installed on. You cannot legally use it with a different system.

    3) You are going to have to invest in a new O/S to use with the new board.
  3. you can try and boot into safe mode f8 then go under device manager and remove everything.then try and reboot and have the mb driver cd ready. if your lucky windows will boot and then reload the drivers for the new mb. if not you can download free copy of windows 8.
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