Hope someone out there can help.
I'm writing this from work so I don't know the exact models of the component, but i don't think it's totally relevant.

I was running an AMD phenom X4 with a closed loop liquid cooler, which ran fine for 10 months when it blew a seal and sprayed the inside of my comp with coolant and it shut down. I got a refund for the cooler and got a simple air cooled replacement to start checking the rest of the components.

After drying the inside for several days I re fitted everything and started it up the fans spun up and the lights came on for about 5 seconds then it shut off and repeated. I figured the mobo or processor was knackered so I replaced both (wanted to switch to intel anyway). Fitted new mobo and processor etc and started it up, and same problem.

I have now replaced, in total, the mobo, processor, power supply, ram and dvd drive (old one was ide) as well as switching out to a spare HD and it still spins up for about 5 seconds then restarts and spins up for 5 seconds etc, all that's left to replace it the case, am I missing something obvious?
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  1. check to see if the psu is plugged in correctly, from both sides(from the wall and from the psu, as well as the psu to the motherboard. I had a different situation when this happened to me. turns out it was my wall jack
  2. Check you connected PSU correctly or not if still same take the psu to someone who you know and connect with that person PC if there's same problem occur then it might possible your PSU is having trouble but if it run without any problem i recommend you it might be an electrical issue.
  3. take the mb out of the case use one dimm and no video card and see if she spins up. and gives a cmos beep code. with dead shorts from water any and all parts could have been fried. i would have put in a insuance claim with the water colent company that the part failed on. also look on the mb qual list to see if th cpu and ram will run on that mb. sometime you ned to update the bios on some of these mb before they post right.
  4. Going to strip all the components out today and start from first principles to make sure I haven't done anything stupid.

    The bit i don't get is that even though I have replaced all the componants I still get exactly the same problem. Is it possible that the case is the problem? As that is the only thing I haven't changed.
  5. Lol case isn't problem :) it might be because of electrical supply
  6. I didn't think it could be, but was starting to wonder.
  7. Hasselhoof said:
    I didn't think it could be, but was starting to wonder.

    Yeah trouble makes pain in brain :)
  8. three spots in a case to look out for. one of the stand off is in the wrong spot and it touching a pin on the mb. standoff is missing and the mb is tuching the mb tray. you have an oversize heat sink and it tuching the mb tray and shorting the system out.
    the i/o shield is cut wrong or has a leg that to long and it shorting out the mb.
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