$600 Graphics Budget

G'day -

Just looking for some advice on what I should aim for :)

I am happy to go with dual cards, or a single. I don't really mind. I play on a 22 inch monitor, games like CoD and WoW.

The PC is 2600k i7 setup running 8gb 2000mhz ripjaw RAM and a hybrid SSD.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. To be completely honest I don't know - I am using a very old PC at the moment, so I'm moving into new gaming territory :) I want to basically play at the highest quality I can :)
  2. I was thinking the GTX 580 to be honest, but didnt know if there were better options in the same price range in dual or single cards.
  3. Thsi is going to sound a bit big-headed, but seeing as money isn't too much of an issue for me - could you recommend a good monitor to get the best out of a GTX 580, or dual 6870's?

    Sorry to be a hassle :)
  4. I'm actually in Australia, so just a brand/model would be fine, then I could search around for a good supplier - and your opinion on whether I should go the 580 or dual 6870's would be great :)
  5. Thanks so much for your help - I really appreciate it :)
  6. Samsung is my brand of choice just buy their top model in the size that suits you and you can't for wrong...

    Be sure the resolution is 1920x1080....

    This is a great 27 incher for an over the top gaming experience (NOTE: they make a version of this model withOUT the HD tuner & speakers but I didn't see a link to it straight away.. I think it's just P2770..)

  7. Really need to know more specs. What power supply you have and the resolution you are playing at.
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