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Hello all,

My PC config:
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4000+
Zotac Nvidia 9600GT GPU (512 MB)
Enterage Power 3 Gold 450W PSU
MSI MS-7327 MoBo
Windows 7 Ultimate x86

So I rebooted my computer only to find the monitor light blinking. No display. I can hear the CPU booting up (4 short beeps). The GPU fan also spins like normal.

Now here's the deal : When I connect my monitor to the on-board display card, I GET display. So we can rule out the issue being with the monitor.

I tried re-seating the GPU a couple of times, I cleaned it's ends, I tried using different VGA chords, different DVI adapters. Nothing works.

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  1. In the AMI CMOS Setup Utility --> Advanced Chipset Features --> Display Device Select setting what is the option currently set to, [Auto]? What are the other possible options that you can set?
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