What is a good single graphics card for Non SLI/Crossfire?

As the title says, what is a good single graphics card that the SLI/Crossfire doesn't need to be added even though it is compatible for those. I'm looking for a good gaming one where I will get the best FPS on games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 when recording and run emulated games like Wii games with this emulator named Dolphin for PC. I need a good performance + quality and around $250 or less. I have a 750 Watts on an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 CPU @2.50GHz (2 CPUs) and Windows 7 64 bit. The current graphics card I have now is MSi R5770 Hawk, but the new games and emulated games run so slow on it, and I'm looking for a better card than this. So yeah, I want to know more about this please. Thank you.
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  1. A 5770 is pretty on par with your CPU.

    You'd have to overclock (or upgrade) to keep up with anything much better.

    Consider a $30 Hyper 212+ Cooler to overclock that CPU and a 6870 for roughly $200

    Also if you've got 2GB RAM consider jumping up to 4GB also.
  2. What is the brand and model of your mobo? To avoid bottleneck, upgrade first your cpu to a core 2 quad or at least a core 2 duo with a high clock speed if you don't want to overclock. A core 2 duo e7600 is a decent upgrade provided your mobo supports it. Then upgrade your video card to an HD 6950 1GB for around $250.
  3. Go for a core 2 quad if you are going to buy a HD6950...
  4. Here are my specs on CPU-Z:



    Graphics Card-

    P.S.: I'm kinda scared to overclock my 5770 because last time when I did it to like 900Mhz+ on a (about 17") 1280x1024 highest resolution monitor, it froze my computer. But I've upgraded my monitor to a ASUS VH236 23" where the highest resolution can go up to 1920x1080 Widescreen. And if it won't freeze my computer this time with this new monitor I hooked up my computer to, then at what Mhz speed should I overclock my 5770 using the MSi Afterburner?
  5. I wouldn't bother overclocking your graphics card - you'll typically only get about 5% more, we're talking about overclocking your CPU.

    However, you're running a sh** Dell which would have a locked BIOS so that isn't an option.

    You'll be looking at more than 250$ to upgrade that to max out BC2 @ 1920x1080, since you need GPU & CPU now
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