Is COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer case good?

I am thinking of building gaming computer with GTX 570.

and I cannot decide on the case.

Is this a good case?

My budget is around 100 dollars and I need some good case recommendations.

Also, is it better to go with Full tower or Mid tower?

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  1. yes its a decent case almost the same as the haf 912 plus

    full tower or mid tower depends on how much space you have --are you likely to add loads of stuff in it at a later date etc
  2. I am pretty sure I won't be adding many stuff.

    Probably just one SSD and one or two hardrives

    and maybe SLI two graphic cards in the future.

    Will mid tower will be enough for this?

    Also after market cpu cooler such as COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus will fit in just fine?
  3. yes mid tower would be fine

    cooler master hyper plus 212 will fit in--only issue may be if you use ram modules with big heatsinks--some coolers block these in some of the ram slots

    i use corsair h50 to avoid this problem it allows me to use all 6 memory slots with ram with large heatsinks
  4. ah okay thank you for your help!
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