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Hello Peeps, My wife is a Green Loving Machine but I want to know if there are any down side to Antecs EA-650 Green Power Supply verses the Regular Antec EA650. I dont have a super machine but I don't want my N460GTX 1Gig Hawk to die of under power issues I would rather spend a few more dollars than to replace my Video card too. I do see some sellers asking more for the Non-Green Version. Any opions will be be read. Thanks All! :D
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  1. Both models are solid units. I have the older regular EA-650 and an Asus GTX460 1GB, which works perfectly. Even with a heavy OC on the CPU/GPU/RAM.

    I assume the pricing difference you're seeing is a reflection of the cost difference between models the seller had to pay. Nothing to read into.
  2. you can get away with a good 450w unit for that GPU, depending on the rest of your system specs. Id say money better spent to get something with a little less power and get something modular/semi-modular. Otherwise you will have cables hanging everywhere, unless you have a case with a large amount of empty space for all the cables to hide in.
  3. Ok, Thanks ALL! I bought The green 650w unit. and my machine is back up and running. ...and yes I have enough devices to require around 530w. I have a small case but enough bay space to put the cables out of the way by using a few wire ties. I wanted to get the 650 also because it had the 2 PCI-E on the unit without an extra adapter. All is running fine. Have a GREAT DAY !!

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