I Need Help Picking a Power Supply!

Here is my current arsenal of parts for my first homemade pc:

I'm really excited but I can't put my hands on a power supply that pleases me. I need it to be at least 500w for my GPU, but would like more. I want it to be modular or partly modular because my case doesn't have great cable management, and last but not least, I want it to be somewhere in the $70 or under category because I am on a budget... Thanks! All help and suggestions are welcome!
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  1. stretch your budget as far as possible--the power supply is the most important component in your pc

    corsair or similar quality
  2. Thanks... I think this one will fit all my requirements...
    but i would still enjoy suggestions
  3. It's an OK unit, but what is the rest of the system?
  4. haha sorry, forgot to put the link in the question...
  5. I don't believe there is that many good modular or semi modular PSU's under $70...

    Tell us what case you have and what parts you have.

    I have a list of great PSU's for around your budget but most are not modular...

    heres a few I WOULD recommend but we really need your specs.

    Antec HCG 520

    XFX Core 550

    Antec Neo Eco 520

    Antec EA 500D

    Seasonic S12II 520

    Corsair CX 600 V2

    I would recommend the Corsair TX-M and XFX Pro models (semi modular) and Seasonic X models but they're out of your budget....
  6. Sorry now I have it completely seperate so that it shows up in the first post. Here it is again
  7. Oh you dont have to worry about cable management in that case. All of the power supplies i linked above will work in that and not to mention, with some ingenuity, you can make it all clean and nice. Hell... you should see what my antec 300 got on the inside... it looks like a fricken squid in there.
  8. should i go with the corsair or the xfx?
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    I'd take the XFX Model. Not bashing on corsair or anything, but it's generally a bit better than the newer corsair CX units.
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  11. Alright thanks so much! You've been a real good help.
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