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Hi there, i have an old dell dimension 3000 and i need a PCI graphics card, not pci express, i play guild wars and trying to play starcraft 2. Could any1 reccommend a reasonabley priced gaming card. Ty
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  1. pci cards arent reasonably priced or any good for gaming...

    $95 for pci 5450

    $36 for pcie 5450 just for comparison

    and it's only a little step better than (modern) integrated graphics. here's a review of the pcie version. I have no idea how much slower the pci version would be...
  2. thanks m8, i was looking for something to hold me off until i get my quad core imac, but i was thinking more geforce 8400, sort of that area as i got dell dimension 3000 and thats got a 250 psu and so i need a cheapish and low power gpu, ive been looking and can you please look to these requirements, thanks alot m8
  3. well if you had read the review, 5450 uses max 13W so your psu wont even notice it's there, same thing with the 8400 as well. Very low power cards. Though 8400 is a lot older (3 generations back while 5450 is current gen), so I wouldn't buy it. The price diff on newegg is like 10 dollars, though if you can get it a lot cheaper somewhere else, then sure...
  4. Ya but it says 400w mininum
  5. that's just absurd
  6. Y and btw im in the uk
  7. lol and I'm in Finland
  8. No, wat i ment by that was can u only post uk links lol
  9. yeah yeah I got it, but don't really now anything else than overclockers uk and ppl say they suk
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