3monitors - Will this card work ASUS ENGTX580?


Can someone simply tell me if the following card:

1. Is a single or dual GPU?
2. Will it be possible to hook up 3 monitors to this card? (By looking at specs it seems I could, but another commenter mentioned I cannot hook up one nVidia card to run 3 monitors, so I'm a little confused)
3. How loud is this card or how loud do you think this card will be?


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    No, you can do that with AMD cards. The HD 6970 is some 10% slower and much cheaper. But it's slower only on one monitor, on three it should be on par with that GTX because of the larger memory size (2GB vs 1536MB)
    I have no idea how loud are those cards, read the customers' reviews on Newegg. With the money that you spare you can buy a silent case anyway.
  2. 1. it's single
    2. i've read that no any nVidia card supports multi-monitoring *only in SLI*
    3. it's not loud
  3. If you want a single card then the 6970 is your best bet for what you want to do.

    The others are correct in answering your questions.

    What is your budget by the way?
  4. Budget/money will not be an issue. I just want to get what's best for my needs and if it's a little overkill, I don't mind.

    I thought with the ample ports this GTX card offers I would be able to power 3 monitors, but it sounds it can't be done after all. No problem then.

    I'll go with the Asus 6970, but help, which one?:
    1. This one - OR
    2. This one with a dual fan design -

    For $5 more, should I get the one with the dual fan? Or get the one without the fan and then add in a premium cooler? I have a 700D case and it has 7 slots in the back.

    What do you think? As a newbie, I don't really understand about the full implications or reasons of choosing one over the other. Help me on this.
  5. take the second one, it's only 5$ more, but the Asus DCII cooler is awesome and you won't regret paying 5$ more
  6. So, let me understand this right.

    They are both the same cards, but the only difference is that the dual fan model costs $5 more?! Am i just missing something here?
    It will be compatible with Intel DX58SO2 mobo, right?
  7. Well, there you have it. I don't know what you mean by "caps" though (couldn't google it).

    I wonder how much thing weighs and if that is an issue/concern?
  8. Caps = Capacitors

    A capacitor (formerly known as condenser) is a passive electronic component consisting of a pair of conductors separated by a dielectric (insulator).

    Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits for blocking direct current while allowing alternating current to pass, in filter networks, for smoothing the output of power supplies, in the resonant circuits that tune radios to particular frequencies and for many other purposes.
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  10. Well, I'm a newbie and this is my first build so I'm naturally a little worried as my learning curve is a little steep at this point. My previous systems have been boxed Gateway and Dells and this is my first foray into building my own rig.

    I thank you and everyone else who have been answering my questions.
    "Grasshopper" really appreciates it.

    I think I'm going to go with this Asus 6970 dual fan version then.
  11. The EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win handles 4 monitors on 1 card.

    It allows you to combine up to three displays off a single card in Surround mode and combine up to four displays for maximum productivity.
  12. ^yup, but it's not out yet and it may be more expensive than HD 6970 and it's performance is also unknown
  13. ...and I'm not about to play guinea pig on an untested product.
  14. Yep, get the new one. These cards with non-reference cooling look very promising too but they're not out yet. Seen one of them in Europe. A 6950 and a 6970.

    LE Scratch that 6970, it's only 1GB.
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