Hello i been reading tomshardware for ages now good few years, so i just build a new computer so i'm going go through it all and show you. :D

Antec-DF 85

HX-650W Corsair

CD ROM LG Blu-ray&BBburner

Asrock P67 Pro Fatality Mobo

Core i5 2500k

H70 CPU Cooler


WD Black Clav Performance edition 2TB SATA3

16Gbs ddr3 1600mhz Corsair

24inch LED SAMSUNG Monitor FUll HD 1080p Res 1920x1080

Microsoft X4 Keyboard/Razer Mouse
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  1. Very nice :)
  2. Take half the RAM out and watch your FPS IMPROVE
  3. How ya gonna put 12 GB in a P67 MoBo ? here's ya options.

    2 x 2GB = 4 GB
    2 x 4GB = 8 GB
    4 x 2GB = 8 GB
    4 x 4GB = 16 GB

    Based upon the above, I'm gonna guess that you haven't bought / built it yet. That being the case ....

    On the MoBo, are you comfy w/ only a 2 year warranty instead of industry standard 3 years ?

    And are you concerned about if ya wanna add the 2nd GFX card, you'll need a new (bigger) PSU and the slot bandwidth will drop to x8 x8 ?,2910.html

    Also, I have that case, with the Asus Revolution .... again, if you haven't purchased yet, the H70 wonn't fit with that Asus board because of the extra PCI-E GFX slots puts the top slot too close to the CPU so that it will hit the radiator.... Looking at the two pictures:

    it looks like you have a bit more room with the Asrock .... if you built already, then you know the answer, but if ya haven't, it might be worth checking to make sure it will fit....looks like it will be close w/ card in top slot.

    Two 900 MHz 560's will cost ya $60 less than a 580 and will outperform the 580 by 40%. Twin 580's outperform twin 560's by 10%.
  4. No SSD?
  5. Huge case for such small hardware ;D

    Would have spent half the price on a Case, Mobo, Memory and grabbed myself an SSD. The new Corsair 120GB Sand Force 3 with 550/mb write 520/ read 85k IOPs will be on the market for 200dollars.
  6. JackNaylorPE said:
    Two 900 MHz 560's will cost ya $60 less than a 580 and will outperform the 580 by 40%. Twin 580's outperform twin 560's by 10%.

    Compare apples to apples, find evidence of SOC SLI 560 Ti's running a tough bench like Metro 2033 at 1920x1080. I've seen on overclockers, many 580 SLI OC guys running it around 90 fps with maximum settings. The best I've seen from SLI 560 Ti's users is around 35-40 fps when overclocked to 900MHz. So you may be right in that they are value oriented cards, but to compare them to SLI 580s is silly, they aren't even in the same league.
  7. Overall it looks like you have a very nice build. With the Intel® Core™ 2500K and the ASRock P67 Pro board that you have selected you have a very nice starting point for your build. The only thing that you need to change is the memory. This processor and board support memory in a dual channel mode so you are going to want even number of sticks to get the best benefits from your new system. I would look at this memory

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  8. yeah its a typo does have 16gbs ram and no h70 wont ruin anything i got h70 for same price as h60 so...
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