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Will Corsair HX620w PSU handle GTX 570?


I was just looking around for possible future upgrades to my system. I was looking at the requirements for the EVGA GTX 570 and noticed it said "minimum of 38 amps on the +12 volt rail"

GTX 570--->

My current system has a corsair CMPPSU-620HX PSU. This PSU has triple rails equaling a combined 54 amps. There is 18 amps on each rail.

Corsair HX620W--->

Question: Will the gtx 570 work with the corsair hx620w psu even though the 54 amps are divided out on three 18 amp rails?

Thanks for your time.
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    Yep. That PSU can power all but the most power hungry video cards out there safely (except gtx 590/ hd 6990).

    But why are you going to buy a gtx 275 now? Unless you get it for dirt cheap (under $80), i recommend you go for a GTX 560 TI or a AMD HD 6950
  2. Thanks for the reply. That was my mistake, I ment the evga gtx 570. My current system has a 275. Link should be correct. =)

    Edited first post to reflect the 570 instead of 275.

    I was just curious because the 275 just says something in the lines of combined ampage where the 570 says amps on rail (assuming it means one rail). Thanks again for the reply. Happy my psu can get some more use.
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