Which video card?

I'm currently in the market for a new video card and am torn between these two:

or this one:

I seem to remember hearing about Diamond a while back, but not am not sure about the quality of their products.

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. I would get the Asus no question! I have heard things about Diamond too!
  2. Asus is nicer brand than Diamond + DCII is an awesome cooler :P
  3. Why don't you go for the GTX 570..?? Its cheaper and also faster compared to the HD 6970..
  4. ^no, 6970 is faster than 570 ---> 560<6950<570<6970<580
  5. well maybe not faster, but the performance is much higher than 570...
  6. Having personally seen a GTX 570 vs HD 6970, I believed the 570 to be a better performer.. It even comes out on top in this review -
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    the DirectCU II is an awesome cooler. i would get that 6970. 2GB of VRAM is useful if you want to use much AA/AF on higher resolutions (1080P and higher).

  8. Thanks for the replies! I'll be going with the Asus for sure!
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