GA-8GPNXP Duo can't see both SATA drive and CDROM

I have a GA-8GPNXP Duo. I recently added a 1TB SATA drive and find that the MB can not see both the new SATA drive and the older CDROM drive simultaneously.

I have been able to have each of them recognized individually, but never both at once.

I tried changing the master/slave jumpers on the CDROM drive along with its companion HD (the CDROM drive was originally, and is now, master, with the HD on the same cable as slave). That hasn't solved the problem.

I tried tweaking a couple of BIOS settings, but that hasn't helped.

Any ideas?

Thank you sincerely for any clues. I'm pretty frustrated.
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  1. Is the old cd drive an ide or a sata? If you are trying to use both the ide and the sata connectors at the same time you have to go into bios and configure the drive controllers to "Enhanced Mode" so it will see both drives. Use the jumper on master for the ide cd drive or no jumper which defaults to master. And of course you don't use any jumpers on the sata, Also don't forget to set the sata as the first boot device and the cd as the second. If the sata hdd is blank it will see that and automatically go to the cd drive to start installing windows.
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