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As mentioned before in a previous thread, I'm looking to build my first computer, I've actually went thru already and picked out the parts that I think would be a great setup. Currently, I play World of Warcraft and it has been about the only game that I have played for the past 4 years. During the 4 years that I have been playing, I've been playing on a pretty bad laptop, not bad as in sweet, but bad as in terrible lol. Anyways, when it comes to computer parts I'm pretty much a newbie, so the parts that I have picked out might not be the best ones that I can get for the money. Anyways I should explain what I'm exactly looking for:

I'm looking to build a computer that I can play Wow on Ultra settings, as for shadows I'm not too worried about them, but I would like everything else on Ultra settings. I'm mainly looking to get more than 10fps because that's currently what I've been playing with the entire time I have been playing so anything above that is a upgrade. I would prolly be doing 25 man raids so again Ultra settings in them. I'm not to worried about playing any other games besides maybe The Sims lol so anything like COD or something like that I'm not worried about just mainly Wow. Eventually I would like to make some Pvp videos, but with the setup I have built so far I'm not sure if it would be able to handle that as well. Anyways, I'll stop blabbing and show the build I have created. I'm always looking to save money as well, so if I can get more bang for my buck at a cheaper price, let me know :D Thanks in advance!
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  1. What resolution are you playing at?

    Only two concerns from me: The GPU could be stronger, I think that'll be the bottleneck in your system. I don't know how strict your budget is, but I'd suggest spending a little more there since you're doing 25 man raids on ultra settings. If you want it to be smooth during AOE phases perhaps look at a 6950 or that price range. However, I have no experience with these cards in WoW. The difference is shown with other games here:,2674.html

    Only other thing is the PSU, getting default brands from companies that put computers together for you is not a great idea IMO. I'd go for the 650w corsair, considering how important the PSU is to your system. A bad PSU can die whilst taking other components out with it, so investment there is important.
  2. Right now I only play on 800x600 resolution, so again anything higher than that is a plus, the computer I'm on atm is like 4-5 years old so really anything is a upgrade to this piece of crap lol As for budget I did want to stay around the 1000-1200 mark.
  3. Well 800x600 is exceptionally low, in that case you'll be fine with a 550ti. In fact your build is probably overkill for that lol.

    Have you got a new screen you're going to play on? What size is it? The change I suggested was for playing at 1080p resolutions really.
  4. I think I chose a monitor in that build lol because I'm pretty much starting from scratch. With the shipping and everything I think that build was like 1200 total, but if I add a different graphics card I'm sure it's going to go up a tad lol
  5. With 1366x768 resolution your current build will be fine, particularly without shadows. I was just pointing out weakness, perhaps for future upgrades if you can't invest now :)

    Have you tried playing at 1920x1080 before? On anyone else's computer or anything? I'm surprised you can even read the bar text at 800x600!
  6. haha I could prolly play higher than 800x600 on this computer, but when I've changed it before my desktop looked all jacked up and stuff and my task bar was very very small, Idk maybe I messed something up when I changed it, I know this computer I'm on currently can go higher but I just never boosted it any higher because of that. But nah I've only played wow on this computer nobody elses lol
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