I5 gaming rig, what do you thing so far?

setting up an i5 rig. i5-2500k. from what i have read on newegg, most people are extremely happy with there i5s and there is no need to get an i7-2600k when it comes to gaming.

i have a 1TB HDD and a GTX460 i can throw in it right off the bat. ill get another 1TB refurbished HDD for raid 0. i believe this is the link
MSI N460GTX Cyclone

getting a 750W PSU, good enough for SLI 460s or better for a while.
Coursair PSU 750W

cooler master case, cheap and well built, gives me more money to spend on an SSD in the future.
Cooler Master HAF912

ASRock P67 mo-bo with 6Gb/s SATA for an SSD boot drive [in the future].
ASRock P67

Cooler Master Heat sink
Cooler Master Heat sink

matched set of 2x 2gig G-Skill 1600MHz DDR RAM for now, ill get another matched set in the coming months might get 4x 4 set, or another 2x 2. i have G-Skill in my other computer and MacBook so i trust the brand.
G-Skill Ripjaw RAM

are there any specific places that i should mount a higher RPM fan like maybe one exhaust fan in the back, one on the side where the graphics card will be located?

any keyboard suggestions? i have had a macbook with a chicklet keyboard for the past 2 years and another chicklet keyboard before that so i am used to it. i always misspell everything on a normal keyboard. i would prefer it to be black with a bit of red but plane black will do. thinking about getting a RAT 5 mouse. for now ill be using my old 1440x900 2ms response time LG screen i bought four years ago and sony earbuds

open to any suggestions for everything will being making the purchase this week. theme is obviously black and red
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  1. For that price, the hyper 21 is not worth it. The scythe mugen is a much much better performer for the same cost.

    The 212+ is a great choice at $30 and not a penny above.

    Airflow planning depends on whether you want positive, negative or neutral air pressure. Noise is also another consideration.

    Typically though, you do want an intake fan blowing cool air onto your GPU's.

    I don't know why you're building a new PC for the sake of a CPU upgrade. What's your old CPU? There is absolutely no need for an i5-2500k if you're pairing it with a GTX 460 and are only gaming at 1440x900.

    Gaming is usually far more GPu than CPU limited and if you have FPS issue (which you shouldn't) a GPU upgrade will need you more.
  2. i have a C2D E6600 @ 2.4GHz that is constantly being bottlenecked with a locked Dell mo-bo, 350W PSU, DDR2, the only things really worth saving is the optical drive, HDDs and the GTX 460. dont plan on keeping the 1440x900 screen but ill be stuck with it until i can replace it, i got it like 4 years ago for my ps3.
  3. When you consider stepping up the monitor what resolution do you think you will be going with? If it's between 1920x1080 and 2560x1600 you should take that into account when you consider graphics cards. If you can live with your 460 for a while, then I'd wait for the release of the 7xxx and Kepler generation cards from AMD and Nvidia respectively. You could then make a more informed decision about monitors and GPU's.
  4. What's your budget..?
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.644341

    Id go with a CPU+RAM combo like this one. This combo, in particular, gives you 1600mhz ram with a lower cas latency. And since you save $28 on the combo, its only $72 for 8gb 1600mhz 8CAS ram, which is an amazing bargain.

    If you need to have red/black (even though you cant see the inside of your case):

    raid 0 with 1 old and 1 refurbished drive seems like a recipe for disaster to me.
  6. i actually decided to do a CPU mo-bo combo and switched to i7-2600k, it only costs $60 more for a lot more performance and HT. i plan on modding the case to have a window. ive had good experiences with refurbs on HDDs they cost half as much, just have to do a full format when you get them. currently the cost of the whole rig on newegg including tax and shipping is $850 so its $450 under my budget of $1300, im weird and dont like to have under $500 saved up.
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