When i type g i get gr, and when i type h i get hu

what changed? when I type g I get gr and when I type h I get hu on my fairly new HP laptop running windows 7
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  1. spill anything into your keybd?
  2. popatim said:
    spill anything into your keybd?

  3. If it's fairly new, take it back. Easiest and safest method.
  4. something doesnt make sense. Everything else works fine. Its like another language selection on the keyboard or something like that, only those two letters are affected, so sometimes a slip in typing may cause a change, but I can not figure it out.
  5. How about checking for a new keyboard driver?
    Go to their site to see if there is one available
  6. I just tried that, and it says it is working properly, and I did a search for a driver update, nothing available. I know it occurred by a slip type on the keyboard, I just cant get it back
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