CPU markings should I be worried

I recently RMA my cpu and motherboard back to AMD and Asus. I just received my replacement cpu and when I opened up the new box I discovered my CPU had some weird discoloration on it.

I have not gotten my motherboard back yet to test it. I will be stress testing it to be sure. I am just wondering if this acceptable for blemishes or should I be worried that I received a faulty or soon to fail replacement?
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  1. I already tried cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol, but the blemishes seem to be pretty permanent.
  2. I see AMD is determined to continue scraping the bottom of the barrel in everything they do, still. Email AMD that picture and demand a new processor.
  3. Looks like a faulty dye problem so it won't affect the cpu or anything else... But looking at your picture I see that the two bottom corners are bent, which means the top of the cpu plate is not flat. THAT is a problem since the heatsink won't be able to sit flat on it and it will heat more than necessary.

    Some people likes to polish the heat plate themselves. Doing that it would make it flater and remove those markings. Do so at your own risks tho. (so why did I mention it then? o-O)
  4. Thanks for the reply. Took a look the corners appear to be fine and flat, must have been the lighting and position of the camera that made them look weird. I still almost have full 3 years of warranty for it so I think I will hold off on lapping it just yet.
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