New build in progress, problems please help!

This has become a nightmare and need some help. This is my first ever complete build from scratch, I'm having problems once I hook computer up to power. I get fan power up for 1 second and blue leds light up for 1 second then nothing, no power or anything to system. system specs are as follows

Intel i-5 2500k

asus p8p67 r3 1155 atx

corsair 8gb 2x4 d3 1600 c9 dimm

evga gtx 560ti max

seagate 1tb 7200 rpm

antex ea650 green 650w atx psu

coolmaster cm690 II advanced atx
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  1. Go through the no boot troubleshooting sticky, link in my sig. If that doesn't help, read proximon's thread (linked to in that sticky), and make a post describing what you've done following those guidelines.
  2. Did you try this checklist? If NO, then do it completely step-by-step,...
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