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The motherboard and power supply in my emachine died, can I still use my copy of xp that came with a non emachine replacement board and just activate it with Microsoft. My motherboard is no longer available, and I would really like to keep my current install of xp as you can't get it new any more.
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  1. Might be helpful
  2. If you are replacing a failed board, it is legal to have M$ re-activate it via the automated phone service they will direct you to when you try to activate Windows online. But isn't it time you moved into the 1st decade of the 2000s and got Windows 7? XP is end-of-life now and M$ will stop supporting it with updates soon.
  3. I need xp cause I have old games that refuse to run on vista/7. And I don't feel like spending a lot of money on windows 7 professional just to run old games when it's cheaper to just fix my xp computer.
  4. Then go ahead with XP bro :)
  5. When I replace my motherboard I haft to get a new processor too, so does it matter to Microsoft what processor I get, cause I don't want to get the wrong processor and have Microsoft view it as a performance upgrade.
  6. Imo it doesnt matter cause if the processor you had isnt support with new mobo then how it'll run up you need compatible processor of that mobo :)
  7. So I should fine with a quad core Athlon. Cause I wold hate to get another celeron when I can a Athlon II x4 for about the same price.
  8. From my experience, the fine folks at M$ will allow you one 'upgrade' during the automated phone service and grant you a new license. Not exactly legal, but they will be OK with it.
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