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Last response: in Systems
May 23, 2011 3:38:52 PM

Hi everyone,

So I'm upgrading my computer to this:

1. [...] mbo.638772

2. [...] 6820231277

3. [...] 6811129042

4. GPU = GTX 460

5. salvaging old HD/dvd drive

6. [...] 6817371016

from a HP m8100n.

So my question is will I benefit from additional RAM? On my HD I have 32 bit XP and I realize that I would have to upgrade to 64 bit to use the additional RAM. I plan on mainly using my computer to play Starcraft 2 and watch movies/tv shows/etc.

Also, I'm planning on buying a pimpass monitor so I can watch in HD until my ears bleed from the eyepoppin color. I need some suggestions.

Lastly, hows my build look? SC2 is coming with 2 more expansions in the future so am I future proof as possible (I anticipate they will come out 2012 at the latest)? Any other helpful bit of advice for a newbie?

Also, when I assemble all this, do I need to uninstall everything on my HD first (driver conflicts/etc).

May 23, 2011 11:50:36 PM

Your links are broken. Please see the build advice form in my signature and fill it out. Also edit your title to be more relevant. We need a budget especially. Get Windows 7 x64. Depending on how old/slow your HDD, I would most likely recommend replacing it - it'll bottleneck your system.