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Hi ,
i'm having problems with my graphics card , my system was overheating , so i cleaned it , i assume i damaged my card with static electricity , cuz my fan was spinning for a while when i cleaned it with my vacuum, now my monitor has "no signal", when i boot my system is working bu ti got ni display , can you fix the problem?
Would appreciate some help
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  1. the only thing you can do is take the card out and re-seat it in the slot. and check the dvi/vga connection to your monitor. I always disconnect fans when cleaning them or hold them so they dont spin. as i have seen a motherboard led light up from spinning a cpu fan with compressed air, so it is generating some electricity.
  2. turn off the pc. turn on the monitor wait for no signal. as soon as you see it turn the pc on. if the monitor jumps into standby as soon as you hit the power button its cpu related and may be damaged.
    if it stays on no signal then great.
    next turn off the pc. remove the gfx card and make sure theres nothing blocking the connectors in the pci-e slot, (use a natural fiber brush like sable as theres way less chance of a static discharge) to sweep out the slot of any grime that may be in there.
    next take an eraser and rub it firmly across the pci connector to make sure thats clean and free of grease. now plug it back in making sure all the power leads are correctly connected. at the gfx and the psu (if its modular)
    close the case and connect the vga/dvi lead checking its properly tightened at both ends ...
    power on and good luck.
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