What socket type does a Athlon II X4 630 support?

Was looking to upgrade the RAM in my desktop which is using a Athlon II X4 630. According to Newegg the CPU is designed to run in a AM3 mobo but my system says that my mobo is a 780g variant which is a AM2 mobo. So I'm a tad confused right now on whats true. (The system was originally a Dell Inspiron, but I upgraded the PSU and GPU two years ago to play some games which is why I don't know the maker of the mobo).
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  1. We would have to know a model number off the motherboard to be 100% certain but the 780G will not support AM3 cpu's, as it is an AM2+ board.
  2. I'm really just wondering about the CPU and what socket type it goes with. I'm gonna have to replace the mobo anyway since it's from a Dell and it locks you out from OCing from within the BIOS.
  3. Any motherboard that states it supports AM3 will support that CPU.
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