decent video card with single core processer?

Hello,i have a Pentium 4 CPU and was wondering if i buy a gt 430 video card.would that be a waste? my other video card broke and i cant stand the intergrated one. ill only play light games also, here are my specs
CPU:Intel Pentium 4 2.80
Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit
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    A p4 could be on either agp or pcie motherboards. You would be cpu bound with anything current I think. I know the AGP bus top out the GPU at the 3850 level so yeah I think a 430gt would be a bit of overkill for your cpu, how much less is a gt220?

    it looks like they are close to the same price from my quick check so might as well get the 430 since its under $40 with rebate.
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