New cpu won't post. Need bios chip?

This seems to be happening to a lot of people after buying the new ivy bridge cpu.

Yes I understand that if I had my old sandybridge cpu I could put it back in, update bios in a few mins and then put my IB back in.
But I do not have it, nor do i have friends with a sandybridge.

My computer won't post at all so I can't flash my mobo can I?

I'm thinking my last option is to buy a bios chip for my P8Z68 deluxe/gen3 board. I went to to try and find a chip but came up short. Any one have any tips or maybe a link to the new bios chip so I can get my ivy bridge running?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Just call up to your mobo manufacture and tell them they'll help you out
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